Case 126: Remodeling and Resolution

A unique look at evolution of infarct and thrombus in an anterior STEMI over 1 year

Case 126: Remodeling and Resolution

This is a 54-years old who came with an anterior STEMI. Four months after an LAD stent he had giddiness and transthoracic echo (TTE) shows a thrombus. He came for CMR for the thrombus, with repeat CMRs at 3 1/2 months and 1 year from the first CMR to look for thrombus resolution.

Snapshot of cines

The 3 CMRs give us a unique look at the temporal changes that occur following a large LAD STEMI and a large thrombus. Even after a year, his thrombus has not completely resolved.

LGE images

The video describes the case in detail and discusses two recent papers on infarct evolution over time and the current knowledge base on STEMI thrombi.