The changing role of viability imaging including CMR

This is a 13-minutes lecture that I recently gave at a meeting on CMR in viability imaging. The fundamental difference is that we now assess for any viability in a segment concordant with coronary artery disease, rather than deciding on nonviability.

The video explains the rest. It is free to view, but you will need to login with your email ID once.

Please note that the video only plays within this page and not outside of this page. If the video does not autoplay in your email, then you will need to open this page in your browser, by clicking "View Online", in the 2nd line below the title of this post in your email.

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CMR in pulmonary hypertension
Cardiac MRI plays an important role in prognostication of pulmonary hypertension. Various CMR features are covered with description of case. The idea is to understand expanding role of Cardiac MRI in extracardiac pathologies. Hope it is useful.

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